Initially dubbed as “India’s Silicon Valley”, Hyderabad’s real estate market witnessed significant growth post attaining political stability in 2014.  The city’s office stock doubled from 23 million sq. ft. in 2008 to over 56 million sq. ft. by 2017,  a CAGR of 10.5%.

The year 2017 witnessed the addition of approximately 5.2 million sq. ft. of new office supply, most of which was across the IT and Extended IT Corridors.

In line with the commercial segment, the residential segment in the city has also witnessed robust growth due to being largely end-user driven. West Hyderabad has emerged as a key residential vector due to the availability of land parcels and proximity to workspace clusters.

With a swelling working population and rising disposable incomes, retail activity in the city has gained traction. The city is expected to add almost 3-4 mn. sq. ft. of organized retail space in the next two years, which will result in enhancing the city’s retail depth.

With numerous national highways passing through Hyderabad, the warehousing sector in the city has been leveraging the “strategic location” to its full advantage. GST implementation, as well as various biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms setting base in the city, will further fuel demand for warehousing space.