Bevis Lo (Office Services)​

Working in a dynamic environment like CBRE provides me with extensive exposure, and the chance to broaden and develop my real estate career. I am grateful to be part of the GTP, and be given the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. If you want to challenge yourself, CBRE is the perfect platform.

Jimmy Chan (Office Services)​

From the training program, I benefit from business line rotation. I have acquired multiple learning tools that have exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for a challenging role, in the dynamic real estate market and want to reach your utmost potential, CBRE is the right place.

Kinki Chow (Asset Services)​

I was extremely lucky to join CBRE as a Graduate Trainee in Asset Services. It is my pleasure to be involved in projects which I find interesting and challenging. The program provides me invaluable opportunities and I am passionate about pursuing my career and life goals with CBRE.

Nammy Dun (Investment Properties)​

As a Graduate Trainee in Investment Properties, I am extensively exposed to every aspect of real estate through participation in various projects and working with colleagues from different business lines. I am grateful for the opportunity that the GTP has given me to explore and develop my full potential in the industry.

Hatton Ma (Institutional Investment Properties)​

CBRE’s GTP offers graduates the opportunity to explore different facets of the real estate industry, with the aim to create well-rounded real estate professionals. With a great group of real estate experts to look up to and learn from, CBRE’s GTP has definitely accelerated my development.

Hester Wang (CBRE Consulting)​

Through the structured program and the exposure to a diverse scope of work within the GTP, I am committed to advancing my professional development as a chartered surveyor and to taking up further responsibilities.

Jane Zhang (Project Management)​

Project Management is the perfect team to provide trainees with real estate knowledge and experience. I meet with people every day and am working on three different projects right now. I am looking forward to developing a professional career in this industry, and believe I am on the right track with CBRE.

Roy Chan (Valuation & Advisory Services)​

I have been given lots of valuable chances to handle challenging assignments. The training allows me to acquire more comprehensive and thorough insights on the real estate industry as well as technical skills and knowledge in property valuation.

Light Chen (Valuation & Advisory Services)​

As a Graduate Trainee at CBRE, I appreciate the fantastic working environment and the talented colleagues. The program helps me to explore different areas of real estate and provides me opportunities to chase my career dreams.

Travis Tai (Investment Properties)​

It is my pleasure to be part of the GTP. This program provides me with opportunities to learn and work in different departments and equips me to be better able to deal with challenges.

Pamela Jia (Global Workplace Solutions)​

I work as a Graduate Trainee in Global Workplace Solutions, which has a diverse culture and is a dynamic environment. I am grateful for the opportunity CBRE has given me to learn more about the real estate industry in the Asia Pacific region.