CBRE has been providing lease administration services to Fortune 500 companies for more than 20 years and is internationally recognized as an industry leader in Corporate Real Estate data management. We have proven experience in managing small and large, local & global portfolios and offer a unique end-to-end solution for all aspects of lease data management.

Our advantage lies in our lease administration software; Sequentra and in our Data Managers who proactively help companies to reduce risk and uncover savings opportunities.

We are proud to have completed some of the largest and most complex real estate data abstraction / lease translation projects in the sector.


How it Works?

  • Step 1: Data & document collection

    Collecting all lease documents, amendments, title deeds, plans & pictures in a digital and properly catalogued format to enable CBRE to abstract and input to a software platform. Typically, the document collection and cataloguing will be completed by the client internally and shared with CBRE electronically.

  • Step 2: Data collation & review

    CBRE will review all data & documents provided for completeness and may follow up with any additional queries to the client.

  • Step 3: Technology selection

    Working with the client, CBRE will assess technology and scope requirements and recommend a real estate database that is fit for purpose and economically suitable.

  • Step 4: Data abstraction & input

    CBRE will abstract all data points in accordance with the agreed abstraction standards. The data will then be input to the data base and validated by a second portfolio manager.

  • Step 5: Reporting

    Working with the client, CBRE will agree to a standard set of reports and outputs including their frequency and audience. These will include critical lease events and tactical reporting such as portfolio summary and metrics.

  • Step 6: Transition status updates

    CBRE will provide weekly transition status updates and reports and will follow a robust project plan to ensure all transitions are delivered on time and within budget.


Our Data Management & Lease Administration Solutions

  • Data abstraction / extraction
  • Critical date reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Process Data Changes & Updates
  • Key date alert notification
  • Reporting 
  • Lease audit
  • Lease documents management
  • Risk mitigation
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